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The competition is fierce out there. The more informed your decisions, the more likely you will hold your position in the market. With the richest, and most comprehensive data coverage, our products can help you face the future of the shipping industry with confidence.


Get real-time visibility of your entire fleet so you can take faster, more informed decisions that boost performance, sustainability, and profits. 

Get onboard with SMARTShip™ and enjoy increased profits and competitiveness through cost savings, greater resource efficiency, faster more informed decision making and support for the decarbonization of all your vessels.


Sharpen your competitive edge and watch your voyage earnings grow with SMARTVoyager.

Get all the decision support you need to increase vessel performance, save fuel costs, ensure ship to shore compliance and support your sustainable agenda.


Complete transparency, accountability, and safety is at your fingertips with ShipPalm. Built for ship owners to create customized workflows for optimal resource planning.

Be confident that you are using the best maritime ERP solution that will support superior planning for every one of your vessels and your company as a whole. 


Get the holistic overview of your maritime data across all your products and applications.

Let VIO compile and integrate all your data in the most insightful way and reveal new business opportunities that match your ambitions. 

“Happy to be associated with Alpha Ori Technologies. They have an innovative line of products and solutions and I’m looking forward to seeing their new products being deployed on many ships. I wish them good luck and continued success. “

Katsuya Abe
President, Nissen Kaiun

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