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Our passion is to digitalize your maritime enterprise from ship to shore. By using your data and our state-of-the-art digital solutions, we start transforming the entire maritime industry to improve business and safeguard the environment.

Transforming ships to a digital enterprise


Alpha Ori Technologies™ is transforming the multi-trillion dollar maritime industry from analog, disjointed systems into smart digital enterprises. Our Digital Solutions harness the power of Data collected through Internet of Things, moving & making it usable via Cloud and applying Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to it. We employ state of the art digital solutions to help our maritime customers operate their business predictably, optimize and address cost inefficiencies and generate newer business models with revenue creation opportunities.


Transform ships and all related parts of the logistics value chain to operate as a DIGITAL enterprise


Digitally enable all floating enterprises with cutting-edge technology (i.e. IoT, Machine Learning & Cloud-based Big Data science) to drive remote operations, enhance operational efficiency & achieve highest levels of safety on board ships











Digitalizing maritime for a better world

At Alpha Ori Technologies, it all starts with a question – “What can a ship be?” A vessel? A feat of engineering? A lifeline? The truth is, that the shipping industry is the life blood of the world and that’s why we want to make it better.

We’re tech nerds and academics, maritime professionals and data analysts, strategists and engineers all working towards the digital transition of the entire maritime industry to make it more profitable and more sustainable.

We give our customers control through data

Our digital solutions harness the power of data, shaping it into insights that enable our customers to make effective decisions. We strive to innovate constantly, to reach a goal and then exceed it, constantly setting ourselves new standards to reach for.

We want our state-of-the-art digital solutions to help our maritime customers operate their businesses predictably, optimize and address cost inefficiencies and ultimately uncover new revenue creation opportunities. If this excites you, we’re waiting for your call.

Always aiming

Our ambition has always been to transform maritime organizations into digital enterprises for the benefit of our customers.

From our establishment in 2017 we’ve driven a dynamic organization focused on creating results and imagining a better way forward. Thinking differently has enabled us to develop our technology. The belief of our investors has brought this technology into reality, and the trust from our customers has secured our future. The major milestones below outline our journey.  


Centre of Innovation (COI) launched

April 2021

BW & Hafnia invest in Alpha Ori Technologies

December 2021

200 ships with SMARTShip™ installed

enabling up to 10% fuel savings per voyage and reducing CO₂ emissions

Who we are

Dream big,
invent bigger

We might be dreamers but we’re also scientists. We may be pioneering but we’re also realistic. When we dream big, we invent even bigger. We take a theory and work at it until eventually we develop real-world solutions.

Just a few years ago our fellow maritime professionals might never have thought we would have come this far. But we have – through passion and dedication. Through working consistently, enjoying what we do and never losing sight of our goals. 

Passionate maritime professionals

We’re tech nerds and academics, maritime professionals and data analysts, strategists and engineers, all working towards the digital transition of the entire maritime industry.

We believe it can be better, more profitable, and vitally, more sustainable. This is the industry we choose to be in because of its huge, untapped potential to improve how we live. That’s why we’ve taken our experience from some of the world’s leading high-tech companies and decided to apply it here at Alpha Ori Technologies.

“I’m happy to be associated with Alpha Ori. They have an innovative line of products and solutions and I look forward to seeing their new products being deployed on many ships. I wish them the best of luck and continued success.”

Katsuya Abe
President, Nissen Kaiun

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