Value proposition

Artificial Intelligence based Analytics Solutions for the Maritime Industry, Welcome to the era of machine intelligence. At Alpha Ori, we build custom and advanced analytical solutions for the Maritime industry utilizing Machine Learning and BigDATA technologies.

With every use case that we solve, we stretch the space of questions and the number of hypotheses which can be answered with data and with the application of advanced Data Science capabilities. From automatically discovering patterns in data, finding non-obvious relationships in large volumes of data sets, discovering key insights impacting business metrics and solving critical questions for the Maritime industry, Alpha Ori’s AI and Machine Learning Platform, team of Data Scientists and Analysts, and our rich Maritime domain experience make it all possible.

Maritime data sets are becoming immensely complex and disparate, but we increasingly find that what’s hidden in that complexity is answers to key business problems facing this industry. Talk to us to learn how our data-driven insights are helping prevent losses, increase fuel efficiency, reduce incidents, extend operational life of equipment, and reduce FFA risks!

Alpha Ori is constantly striving to understand and solve those problems in the Maritime industry which are increasingly larger and more complex than questions which have been already answered. In this exciting journey, we are collecting massive amounts of data, investing in state of the art technologies, leveraging learning from other industries (for example, genetics!), building strategic partnerships across the globe, and putting the best brains to work on addressing our clients’ analytics challenges.

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