SMARTShip Solutions

Alpha Ori’s SMARTShip product enables remote monitoring and control, real-time view of data points onboard ships, condition-based predictive maintenance and, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting for shore based personnel using cloud network. It significantly improves operational efficiency and safety onboard and reduces downtime, thereby reducing cost for ship management company and ship owners.

It achieves that by collecting a wide range of data on-board a vessel through a central server and data acquisition units. Additionally, a profile-based access allows the onboard crew to access the system anywhere on the ship’s network using dedicated workstations, wireless handheld units and mobile devices. Using the system, crew can receive real-time recommendations on how to improve operational performance and fuel consumption.

Our solution also allows a swift integration of 3rd party applications form other industry players into our platform. An integrated hardware and software solution is delivered and installed by Alpha Ori personnel on your vessel as well as remote monitoring stations. The ruggedized hardware is built to endure typical harsh conditions aboard ships.

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